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Foreword by Series Editor
Championing the Social–Ecological Context of Architecture

Architecture Transforms Space

Human Ecology:  People – the Built Environment – the Natural Environment

Part 1:  Buildings Intervene

1. Interfaces Enable Change   15
      Interfacial Architectures – Natural & Manmade transformations
      Architecture Intervenes – Affordance & Intrusion
      Buildings are for People – Human Shelter

2. Manifestations of the Building Envelope   27
      Physical, Sensible & Operative – Embodied as One
      Material Interface – The Physical Presence of Architecture
      Experiential Interface – The Sensible Presence of Architecture
      Performative Interface – The Operative Presence of Architecture
      Barriers & Ports – Selective Action

3. People   53
      The Human Experience – Visual, Corporeal & Cognitive
      Visualisation – We See with the Mind’s Eye
      Energy, Matter & People – The Human Response

Part 2:  The Struggle for Green

1.  Sustainable Design is Human-centric   97
      Sustainably Green – Now and Forever
      Building Design Makes a Difference – Whole Systems Thinking

2. Obstacles to Successful Execution   107
      “PR” Vesus Fact – Misinformation & Technical Complexity
      When Looks Ignore Function – The Dominant Role of Aesthetics
      Technology Overload – The Educational Dilemma

Part 3:  Human Ecological Design

1. The Concepts  125
      Considerations – People & Environments, Energy & Matter
      Singularities – Architecture Generates Change

2. The Parameters of Human Ecology   145
      Relationships – Parametric Design
      Parameters – Vectors from N, S, E, W; from Above, Below & Within

3. Performative Expression   155
      Trope & Style – Symbol or Substance
      Symbolism – Image Versus Essence
      Helicopter Architecture – Altering Sense of Place
      Functional Aesthetics – Performing Art

4. Architecture – Interfacing People and Environments  193
      The Model – Visualising Intersections
      Modelling by Sector
      Case Studies
      Unleashing the Holistic Approach – Human Ecological Design

Acknowledgements   245
List of Photographs & Illustrations   247
Notes   253
Index   259

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